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Adding & Editing Payment Method or Pay Via options.

Payment Methods: In the above screen, you can see “Pay method” or “Pay Via” options, the same option appears in POS “Multiple Pay” popup. With POS you can add or edit existing payment options. Enabling/Disabling Payment Methods in a business location: In Add/Edit…
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Setting up a Thermal Printer for Receipt Printing

Thermal Printers: 2 types of thermal printers are available in the market: Thermal Line Printers. : Easy to Install & Use. Thermal ESC/POS printers: Complicate to install & use, also some languages & curriences symbol may not be supported. WE RECOMMEND…
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Label weighing scale integration

A Label weighing scale generates a barcode based on the configuration of Prefix, Product SKU length, Quantity integer part length & Quantity fractional part length. Enabling & setting it To enable weighing scale integration in UltimatePOS, do the below settings:…
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How to add Barcode Scanner

Adding a barcode scanner is easy & simple. Simply Plug-in the barcode scanner in your computer. If there is some driver provided with the scanner then install it. Point the cursor to any field in POS where you want to…
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Adding a new barcode settings

POS comes with some commonly used barcode configurations for you our-of-box. If your barcode configuration isn’t covered then you can easily create a new configuration. You must have all measurement details of the sticker to create a configuration. All dimensions…
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Setting Invoice Scheme

you can configure the format for your invoice number. To configure go to Settings -> Invoice settings Click on Add and select a scheme format. Format can be XXXX or <year>-XXXX You can also provide a custom prefix, invoice start number, number of…
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Business Settings

Business Settings allows you to set some of the common business-related information. Here you can change: Business name Start Date Set Default Profit margin Currency Timezone Logo Financial year: For some countries, financial year starts from January and for some…
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