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Customer Groups

With customer Groups, you can classify a customer as Retail Customers, WholeSale Customer, Friends, Colleagues and whatever you will love to… 1. To add a “Customer Group” go to Contacts -> Customer Groups & Click on “Add” button. 2. It will…
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Contacts Management (Supplier & Customers)

Any contact can be supplier, Customer or Both (Supplier & Customers) Adding Suppliers & Customers   Goto Contacts -> Suppliers or Customer Click on add new contact. Select contact type – Supplier/Customer/Both Based on the contact type selected –  it will…
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Adding opening balance & payment

Opening balance: Opening balance is the balance contact (customer or supplier) have at the beginning of using the software. Suppose you’re shifting the data from another software to UltimatePOS then the opening balance of the contact will be the balance…
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Customer & Supplier Ledger

To view customer or supplier ledger Go to Contacts -> Supplier/Customer In that screen you will be able to see Ledger for the customer or supplier. You can select a date-range and use the checkbox filters to show/hide certain transaction…
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Commission Agent feature

Commission Agent is useful for many businesses. Businesses pay sales agent/commission agent commission on every sale they bring. Enabling & Choosing Commission Agent Type: By default Commission Agent is Disabled. You can enable it from Settings -> Business Settings -> Sales.…
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Adding User & assigning location to a user

Adding users User Management -> Users -> Add New Fill the user details, select user role, give a unique username. Sales Commission Percentage (%): Provide the commission % for this user. This option gets applied if the commission agent feature…
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Registering your Business

Click on register business link on the welcome page. Registering business involves multiple steps;  Business Details, Tax details, and Owner details. Business Details: Fill out the relevant fields; select the appropriate currency & Time zone; click on Next. Time Zone…
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Setup Your Business Details

After login, you will be redirected to the homepage. The first thing you should do it setup your business details so that the system works according to you. Setup your business by adding below mentioned details: Brand: Add all the…
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