Reward Points, Royalty points

Enabling reward points: Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Reward Points Settings. Click on Enable Reward Point and it will get enabled. Reward Points Settings: Reward points settings is divided into 2 parts: Earning Points Settings Redeem points settings Earning Points Settings: Reward points display name: This is display or label name for reward points. Some people […]

Discounts by Brand, Category, Location

Add/Edit Discount: Name: Enter a meaning full name for the discount. Brand: Select the product brand where it will be applied. Category: Select the product Category where it will be applied. Location: Select the location Priority: Discount with higher priority will have higher weight, however priority will not be considered for exact matches. For example: if there are 2 discounts […]

Configuring keyboard shortcuts for POS screen

UltimatePOS supports keyboard shortcuts, by default we have configured shortcuts for different actions in POS screen. But you can configure it yourself as per your convenience. To configure keyboard shortcuts, go to Settings -> System Settings. Here in the POS section, you will find a list of Operations and the shortcuts for them. You can […]

Invoice External URL

With invoice external URL you can share the invoice to a customer via a link. With this link, they can see & print the invoice without they having to login into the system. The link can also be sent in Email & SMS notification. To send url in Email/SMS notification add it in notification template […]

Gift receipt

A gift receipt shows proof of purchase but leaves out the amount spent. To print a gift receipt follow the below steps: Add a new invoice layout with the name “Gift Receipt” In invoice layout select the Invoice Design as Slim and Check the Hide all prices checkbox In Business Settings -> POS, check the Show invoice layout dropdown and save […]

Invoice Layout

Invoice Layout helps you to create different invoice formats. To add a new invoice layout: Go to Settings->Invoice Settings->Invoice Layout->Add Give a unique distinguishable Layout name Add the text to be shown in the top/header of invoice. Generally, it can be your shop name, aligned center with Heading 1 format. Add other relevant details. You can […]

Cash Register

Cash Register gives you an overview of a particular user/cashier session Whenever a cashier opens to POS screen she must Open Cash Register by entering the “Cash In hand” If the cashier has access to more than one location then location also needs to be selected Every sale made by the cashier will be logged […]

Sales Subscriptions

Enabling Subscriptions: To enable subscription, go to Modules -> Check the “Enable Subscriptions” and save it. IMPORTANT: For subscription invoice to auto-generate cron job must be set up. Using Subscriptions: Subscriptions can be added from both POS sales or normal Sales screen. In POS or sales screen to add a subscriptions click on “Subscribe?” Checkbox On clicking subscribe it shows […]

Sales Return

There are 2 ways of adding sales return First way: Edit existing invoice for the sales by going to edit the invoice and remove the product or reduce the quantity of the product. And save it. The system will automatically add the returned quantity back to stock. This is a simple & recommended way of […]

POS for Selling of Services

POS can be used: Exclusively for Services or Exclusively for Product Selling (trading) Or Combination of Services & selling of Products. Selling Services Services are Intangible products. Example: Repairing, Salon & Spa services, Web Development, Accounting, banking, cleaning, consultancy, education, insurance, expertise, medical treatment, transportation and a lot more. 1. To add service Go to Add […]

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