Reports help you to get an overview of your entire business. To view report click on Reports & Select the report you want to view. Some Reports come filter relevant options to help you analyze your business better. Purchase & Sale Report This report shows the total purchase, Purchase Including tax, Purchases with Dues amount; […]

How to use Stock Adjustment

Stock Adjustment Stock Adjustment helps you decrease the goods you hold in stock, you can enter manual stock adjustments. It’s generally used to write-off damaged stock, or to adjust quantities after a stock take. To create a stock adjustment First, go to “Add Stock Adjustment” Select the Business Location & date Select Adjustment Type (Normal […]

Adding expenses

Adding expenses, Adding expenses for an employee or customer or supplier POS allows you to add expenses for an employee. Thie expenses can be Salary, Bonuses, Perks, travel expenditure or anything else. – Simply create a category for the expense you’re adding. Adding relevant categories helps you to classify expenses and analyze them. – Go […]

Enabling using Payment account or bank account

What is payment accounts in POS? Payment accounts are like for example bank account. You can transfer money from one payment account to another, deposit cash in payment account, pay to a supplier or deposit the amount received from a customer here. Enabling Payment account Go to Settings ->Business Settings -> Modules Enable payment ‘Accounts’ option […]

Setting POS for Indian Users or other Country with GST support.

We see a large number of Indian users preferring UltimatePOS, so writing this guide to help them use the application in a better way. Tax settings: ============ 3 Different taxes in India: CGST (Central Goods & Services Tax) SGST (State Goods & Services Tax ) IGST (Integrated Goods & Services Tax) Go to Settings -> Tax […]

Types of Service

Types of service: Types of service is mostly used in restaurants, it is for example Dine-in, Parcel, Courier, 3rd Party Delivery etc. Based on type of service you can change the price of the product by linking types of services to selling price group. You can add packing charges (fixed or percentage) Also, you can add […]

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