• Featured Products in POS screen

    December 12, 2020
    Adding featured products helps you quickly access some products which are frequently or most commonly sold. To add featured products […]
  • Selling-POS Screen, Credit Sales, Draft, Quotations and Suspended Sales

    December 12, 2020
    Selling (POS Screen), Credit Sales, Draft, Quotations & Suspended Sales.   Interactions points in POS Screen. Selling Products, Changing Product Price, […]
  • Stock transfer

    December 12, 2020
    How to do stock transfer.
  • Purchase Payments

    December 12, 2020
    Purchase payment meaning paying to the supplier for the Purchases. Payments Statuses Paid: The PO is 100% paid. Due: The PO is […]
  • Purchase Management

    December 12, 2020
    Adding Purchase Go to – Purchases -> Add Purchases Type Supplier Name or Business name in the Supplier field. If […]
  • Rack or Row Position of product

    December 12, 2020
    How to Rack, Row &  Position of product in POS
  • Bulk Edit Products

    December 12, 2020
    Bulk edit helps you to edit multiple products at once and saves your time. To edit multiple products follow the […]
  • Correcting product stock mis-match or incorrect stock in different reports

    December 12, 2020
    Error 1: Mismatch between sold and purchased quantity Error 2: Mismatch in stock shows in Stock-Report and sales screen. Sales […]
  • Duplicate Product

    December 12, 2020
    Duplicate Products helps you to easily create a new product with the same data as another product, this helps you […]
  • Printing Labels

    December 12, 2020
    POS comes with an inbuilt feature to print customized labels for products. You can go to print label screen from […]
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