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Enabling warranty

To enable warrany in products go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Products -> Enable Warranty Using Warranty Adding Warranty: Add warranty types by going to Products -> Warranty. Assigining warranty for products: Go to Add/Edit product and select the warranty that is applicable…
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Selling Price Groups

Selling Price Groups (Sell in different prices: wholesale/retail or for different prices for different locations) Selling price groups allow you to add different prices for a product. Sell at different prices: wholesale/retail Different prices for different locations Video demonstration Adding…
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What is Lot Number?

Enabling Lot Number To enable lot number go to, Settings -> Business Settings -> Purchases Check the Enable Lot number checkbox and update settings. Adding Lot number from Purchases If the lot number is enabled as described above then when adding purchase stock…
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Enabling expiry for products

1.To enable expiry go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Product section. And check the “Enable Product Expiry” checkbox. 2. On enabling Product expiry, you can choose either “Add Item Expiry” or “Add manufacturing date & Expiry Period” “Add Item expiry” =>…
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Product Category

Categorizing products helps you to easily manage and filter them in reports. Adding Category & Sub-Category Go to Product -> Categories -> Add Add Category name, category code(HSN code) If the category is sub-category select “Add as sub taxonomy” and…
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Product Units

Different Products have different units. ultimatePOS allows you to add different units for products. Adding Units Go to Settings -> Units Give the unit name, a short name, and choose if want unit to allow decimals. Example: Name: Meter Shortname:…
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Variations can be added from Products -> Variations menu. These variations are used in variable products product. Example of variation is for example, a Jeans can have multiple colors, so add variation called Colors and provide the value for it. As given…
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Delete Product

Deleting Products Deleting of a product will remove the products from the database. NOTE: This delete will not work if the product have some transactions related to it. Transaction can be Opening Stock, Purchase, Sales or Stock transfer of the product.…
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Import Products

Steps: Go to Products -> Import Products Download the template file. Fill all the information as per the displayed columns name & instructions. Don’t remove the heading from template file. Import the file Common Errors: Error: UNIT not found Solution: Make sure…
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Products Management

Adding Products Go to – Products > Add Products. Provide a Product Name, Brand, Units, Category Sub-category SKU: Add a unique SKU which will be used to identify the product & Print barcode in labels. Leave it empty to auto-generate…
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